Who doesn't have fond memories of pie and homemade desserts?  I love to create one-of-a-kind baked goods for you (and whoever you want to share with!)

Although I've been baking for many years,  the idea of a bakery is my "pandemic baby"  Other people got puppies (although I have to confess, we got one..er, two of those, too.  Check out the pics of Jack and Jill)   I started stress baking and insisting that friends and neighbors have a bite and offer feedback.  They all groaned a little, then accepted my offer and responded that I "really should start selling those things".  So I did! 

My mom (Sylvia) and my paternal grandmother (Dorothy) both taught me a lot about cooking and baking.  Homemade was always preferred over boxed, frozen, or (the very rare) restaurant fare.   My creative genes come straight from my Dad (Jerry), who is a gifted artist in many mediums; he was (and is) always an encourager and cheerleader.  And for some reason he meets me at his front door with a fork in hand...wishful thinking?  Thanks, Dad!  

Birthdays always meant a homemade cake.  Holidays started weeks in advance and the house was filled with the smells of vanilla and chocolate and warnings of "now, we won't have enough for the holiday if you keep eating those!"  My brother and I were stealth taste testers, whether one was needed or not. *wink*

Another result of the pandemic and my forced stay-at-home was the expansion of my cookbook collection by about 20.  Really!  There are that many pie-specific cookbooks out there!  I learned and experimented and continued to improve my skills with both fillings and decorative crusts.  One of the joys of that time was meeting a friend (old or new) at the front door with a beautiful pie, having a little chat, and knowing that even though times were weird I had a little bit to do with bringing comfort and sweetness to someone's day.

I was feeling sassy one day...and actually this little ditty got me noticed by local podcasters (The Mainstreet Podcast)...who eventually interviewed me TWICE!  You can listen HERE and HERE

Mama and me, with some biscotti.

Mom and Dad and me

Dad and me and Figaro, the kitten.

My kiddoes, Avery, Noah and Adam




I love this pic, they're all missing a tooth!

My sweet grandmother, Dorothy ❤️

Baking t-shirts, I have six...who knew it was a thing?!

Me and the hubby, Bill 

Early interest in dough...

My Grandparents, Al and Dot Taylor

Jack & Jill

Kentucky Bourbon Tour..highly recommend!

My Cottage Kitchen!